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Introduction and application of streptavidin

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Streptavidin (SA) is a protein secreted by Streptomyces avidinii atcc27419 during its growth. In 1963, chaiet first found it in screening antibiotics and reported it. SA has been widely used in enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay, immunohistochemistry, time-resolved immunofluorescence, quantitative PCR, single strand DNA preparation, biomolecule purification, monoclonal antibody preparation and other biotechnology fields due to its sugar free and high affinity with biotin. Here is the company's product information:


Product ID:TQBO024

Product Name:Streptavidin

CAS NO:9013-20-1

Grade:Ultra Pure Grade

Appearance:White Lyophilizate Powder

Application: binding capacity: each subunit of Streptomyces binds to biotin molecules. The comparison of biotin binding and the measurement of absorption showed that less than 5% of binding sites were occupied by avidin technology, which was used in microbiology; proteins with high affinity for biotin were isolated from bacteria and molds.


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