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Bis-Tris is an organic tertiary amine, white crystalline powder, soluble in water, ethanol and organic solvents. Commonly used as biological buffer, pH buffer range is 5.8-7.2.


Product ID: TQBB005

Produc Name: Bis[2-Hydroxyethyl] imino Tris- (Hydroxymethyl) -methane,BIS-TRIS

CAS NO: 6976-37-0

Molecular formula: C8H19n05

Molecular weight: 209.2

Grade:Ultra Pure Grade
       Appearance:White crystal powder


Application: biological buffer; used to detect creatine kinase; it is also used to effectively protect hemoglobin in freeze drying; cathodic electrolyte is used in IEF/2-D gel electrophoresis.

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