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Introduction of HEPES

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HEPES, English name is 4- (2-hydroxyerhyl)piperazine-1-erhanesulfonic acid, a hydrogen ion buffer, can control the constant pH range for a long time. It is used to prepare protein extraction buffer and cell culture buffer, and the effective buffer range is ph6.8-8.2. Here is the company's product information:


Product ID:TQBB015

Product Name:4- (2-hydroxyerhyl)piperazine-1-erhanesulfonic acid;HEPES

CAS  NO:7365-45-9

Molecular Formula:C8H18N2O4S
       Molecular Weight:238.31

PKa at 20℃:  7.4-7.7
       Grade:Ultra Pure Grade
       Appearance:Free flowing white powder

Application:Biological buffer; Separation and analysis of reaction buffer, pre-hybridization buffer and hybridization buffer of RNA nuclear components; Used for RNA and T4RNA.

Storage Conditions:2-8°C

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