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Application of MES

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MES, CAS No: 4432-31-9, is a chemical substance, white powder. Commonly used as biological buffer, pH buffer range is 5.5-6.7. The following are their product uses:

(1) Biological buffer is used in biochemical diagnostic kit, DNA / RNA extraction kit and PCR diagnostic kit;

(2) MES can be used as cleansing cream, shampoo foam bath, tableware detergent, hand washing agent raw material, etc. This product is made from soap and soap as calcium soap dispersant. It can replace sodium tripolyphosphate as low phosphorus or non phosphorus detergent. It can also be used as active substance in liquid washing;

(3) It is used as a medium foam mineral flotation agent in industry. In leather degreasing, dye, pigment and pesticide are used as dispersant and wetting agent. In the printing industry as deinking agent.

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